Our Company

Our Company

The Free Energy Company is a subsidiary of Automation Dynamics. 

Automation Dynamics is a manufacturer for the industrial laundry industry offering material handling systems both by rail and pneumatics for use in transporting goods throughout a facility. We operate out of a 20,000 square foot facility located in Independence, MO and have been in business for over 20 years.  Automation Dynamics holds over 75% strong market share and is considered the leader in technology and innovation of the industrial laundry industry.

Our Automation Dynamics team includes Sales engineers, Computer assisted drafters, Mechanical and Electrical engineers, PC and PLC based Technical support staff as well as a full assembly and install team that travels all over the world installing our equipment. We are also a UL listed 508A panel manufacturer. This certification allows us to build custom panels up to 500 amps and install them in a commercial or residential applications.

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Our Four Goals of Business:

• We do what we say we will.

• We do it when we say we will.

• We do it 100%.

• We do it so that it profits our customer, the company and the environment.