Commercial Energy Audits

Commercial Energy Audits

The Free Energy Company specializes in overhead energy reduction and sustainable renewable energy. Our approach is simple; we start with Commercial Grade Energy Audit that identifies opportunity for permanent reductions in demand in both Electricity and Natural gas consumption.  Once established, our projects offer state-of-the-art design and implementation that deliver maximum savings through an optimized approach to the end user.

Our company offers much more than your typical energy conservation company. We operate from the clients point of view.  We develop options that meet our clients financial threshold. Our clients realize that our projects are developed within their guidelines. The goal of our projects is to reduce energy costs and create positive cash flow by utilizing the savings benefits from the improvements to their facility.

Below are the areas in which we find our greatest percentage savings potential: 

  - Electricity (20%-60%)                             - Natural Gas (10%-50%)
  - Heating & Cooling (5% -70%)                - Water/Sewer (5%-30%)

Our commercial audit services and reporting will include:                 

Maintenance and Upgrades
We offer ongoing maintenance and service plans necessary to keep your operation in peak condition without having to worry about comfort or control issues.

Vendor Neutral
We are vendor neutral. We will work with any brand manufacturer you like or recommend brands with efficient lifecycle costs and the most competitive warranty on the market.

Monitoring & Verification
Upon completion of the project, we offer electronic measurment and verification programs to help you understand and track where your savings are occurring and record your total savings over time.