Commercial Energy Consultations

Commercial Energy Consultations:

The Free Energy Company specializes in overhead energy reduction and sustainable renewable energy. If you have already had an energy audit or have a specific system you are looking to improve we can provide you with options.  We will look over your site and help you choose the best option for your business.

Our commercial consultation services can include:                 

Environmental Systems: 
We can take a look at your existing environmental systems.  We will help you identify your current heating and cooling loads.  We will show you your best options to reduce those loads and your options for the most efficient equipment to meet those load requirements.

Insulating & Air Sealing:
We can take a look at your current air leakage and insulation values and recommend any changes that will have a resonable payback.  We have many inspection options available from a visual inspection to a full depressurization test of the entire building.  We will also analyze the current insulation with infra-red imaging to determine any thin/weak spots in your existing insulation.  We have solutions available from simple caulking to spray-foam insulation and sealants to solve even the most difficult situations.

Lighting Options:
We can analyze your current lighting systems.  We will show you your options for reducing your energy consumption, increasing your light levels, increasing the light quality, and what light control sensors can do for your business. Many of these projects can pay for themselves in less than two years! 

Renewable Energy Options:
We can go over your options for renewable energy generation.  There are many different types of renewables available on the market today.  We can help you make informed decisions on which one to choose based on your unique situation.  We will help you analyze your available resources and consumption patterns so that we can match you to the renewable that will be best fit to your business and your goals.