Commercial Solar Water Heating

Commercial Solar Water Heating:

The Schüco Premium LA high-performance solar collector converts solar energy into heat, and is excellent for heating domestic hot water, swimming pools as well as large area commercial installations. The highly selective absorber coating and optimum thermal insulation maximize efficiency. The absorbed solar heat is transferred to a storage tank by freeze-protected, non-toxic solar fluid through a serpentine copper pipe with header.


  • Outstanding efficiency achieved with high selective absorber coating
  • Low energy loss due to excellent thermal insulation
  • Durable, elegant silver anodized aluminum frame
  • Low risk of leaking and superior flow control over conventional header/riser designs
  • High degree of light transmission through low iron glass
  • Tempered glass inset a full half-inch into the frame
  • Ideal for large area installations
  • Quick and simple installation with SolarEZ mounting hardware, collector connections, and installation accessories
  • Serpentine piping with header, 2 connections on each long side for portrait orientation of collector
  • Certifications: SRCC OG-100, CE, DIN EN 12975-2, DIN CERTCO, EC Guideline 97/23/EC
  • 10 year performance warranty


Schuco Premium LA Collector PDF Download

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Commercial Solar Water Heating Incentives

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