Sustainable Improvements

Sustainable Improvements

At Free Energy we have our skilled trades ready to improve your building envelope.  After you have made an informed choice on your energy upgrades we are ready to get the job done!

Free Energy provides customers with solutions that will have the greatest impact on the health, comfort, and efficiency of your building.

We offer the following services:

  • Air Sealing:  Air Sealing can be one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of reducing your building energy consumption.
  • Insulating:  We have you covered when it comes to insulating.  Insulation installation is a great way to reduce your energy bills.
  • Radiant Barrier Installation: A radiant barrier helps reflect infra-red radiation. This will reduce the amount of cooling needed in the summer and help hold heat in the building in the winter. 
  • We offer Convienence - We can schedule our services days, nights, or weekends to suit your needs.

Air SealingInsulation InstallationRadiant Barrier